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disregard that last statement [Apr. 15th, 2006|01:45 pm]
apparently we're back together... god knows for how long but - don't waste your pretty exam ridden heads thinking about me.
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the end [Apr. 12th, 2006|11:25 pm]
i don't know if anyone still reads this but...

i broke up with aaron tonight.

i'm okay, i hope everyone else is too.
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they got me [Jan. 30th, 2006|03:01 pm]
mmmm.... that's good.... 'So Good', if you will.

i'm sipping on my 'So Good' soy beverage... which i love just because of the pun i continually make unintentionally. those marketing whores got me, they got me good.

so.... don't really have much to say.... just wanted to follow the cool kids and update and of course, procrastinate. since i can't find enough ways to do that.

what is new with me? let's see:

drew may or may not be coming up this weekend.... i'm still waiting for a final confirmation... ahem. this SHOULD be quite enjoyable, as it is sibling weekend and people are having younger siblings down to corrupt them... cousins and other such friends are also in the mix. should prove to be interesting.

i went to fireball on friday. engineering formal. very enjoyable... i got to where my red shoes, but yet again they butchered my feet.... such is beauty.

i went on an email/voicemail rampage yesterday.
i sent so many emails i didn't know who i had or hadn't sent them to anymore. so, in some cases i think i wrote two and others i think i missed. if you didn't get one then don't be sad, they were all in regards to my being around for reading week. very exciting....

i got to talk to erin and bebbington last night and they filled me in on a bunch of the dance gossip... i can't wait to go see everyone and the new studios and all the old crazies.

my roommate is addicted to facebook... i already have enough vices i must abstain for just a little bit longer...

i like the '....' as you've probably noticed it's condusive to incoherent rambling and incomplete sentences

my two favourite shows are 'scrubs' and 'grey's anatomy'. an interesting observation as i try and determine whether or not to go the med school route next year and take orgo chem, genetics and do the whole MCAT thing. interesting indeed. i think it only means that i want to be a television doctor.

this was useless.

i apologize, my life though busy is kind of mundane.

boys are stupid though. not my boy, (well he is) but it was one of those boys are stupid weekends.
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a behemouth of an entry [Dec. 6th, 2005|01:23 pm]
so, the sick health sci fuck that i am, i actually have time to write in this.

everyone else is off studying, quiet hours have ensued and although i do have some work left....my hell week was last week. from here on in everything is pretty nice and spread out, so as long as i stay remotely on top of things i should be okay. at least for a little while.

last week was madness every health sci looked crazed all week long... well until thursday, myself most definitely included.

okay so i started writing out last week but i think random point form will work better:
- sunday before last i meet aaron's dad and sisters for brunch on little to no sleep and could barely keep my eyes open let alone sustain a conversation
- dance shows this past weekend (three of them), which meant rehearsals and tech rehearsals to fit in all week
- a psychobio essay to write with 6 other people, probably a good 50 hours of my life consumed by this essay (in the last week). the night before it's due we realize one of the sections was written completely wrong and had to be redone. on wednesday i spend from 3:30 pm to 4:30 am with my essay group..... randoms in the student centre give us a pizza at 2 am, we don't question it.
- i also meet with b.rog prior to this 14 hour psychobio marathon. he told me of the many strange happenings at the rogers' household namely, the domestication of jean sue jim - i told him about aaron. we have a good heart to heart and a tour of campus.
- after a three hour nap post psychobio essay i present my other major group project due on thursday
-friday night rolls around and all my friends come to my show. post show celebrations are planned. i am the guest of honor. we toast to me, and a bad combo of a stressful, sleep deprived, emotionally/physically draining week and a bit of underlying homesickness mixed with a bit of vodka and red bull (intended to keep me awake)- backfires miserably. a hollywood-style emotional breakdown scene ensues with a drunken, crying couple professing their love.
- saturday morning is ugly, we don't speak of it. other scandals of friday surface. tensions grow.
-the rest of the weekend is full of long and in depth conversations that go late into the night.
-like the end of a sitcom, aaron's roommate comes back to res on monday morning and asks, if we had a good friday night, how our weekend was and if he missed anything major. i roll over and laugh - aaron says no.

- and i will leave you with this award named after my father - that's right the B A Rogers award. i think i mentioned it to some of you before.

Here is the email we sent out announcing the creation of the Brian A.
Rogers award and identifying Erin Higdon as the 2005 recipient.

We sent this notification to all PICAs (knowing you have friends in
Institute offices across the country), all Atlantic ATOs and all Faculty
Representatives in the Region.

I have had nothing but positive comments from anyone who has learned
about the award.

All the best


Great work deserves great praise...ASCA announces new award

The Atlantic School of Chartered Accountancy (ASCA) is pleased to
announce the creation of the Brian A. Rogers Award -- recognizing
outstanding academic achievement in the ASCA Professional Program.

Named in honor of Brian Rogers, FCA, a partner with KPMG LLP's Calgary
office (and previously a partner with the firm's Halifax office), ASCA's
new award was established to recognize the many contributions Brian has
made to professional accounting education. Over the years, he's had a
significant impact on the education process for chartered accounting
candidates, both in Atlantic Canada and across the country. In
particular, Brian served on the ASCA Board from 1990 - 1993 (Chair in
1993), as a Member of the Blueprint for Change Task Force from 2000 -
2001, and chaired the Professional Program Implementation Committee from
2001 - 2002. At the national level he was a member of the
Interprovincial Education Committee from 1993 - 1995 and the
Qualification Committee from 2003 - 2004.

"Brian is a strong cheerleader for the CA profession and the ASCA
program. In fact, his enthusiasm has been the deciding factor in a
number of students' decisions to pursue their CA designation," says Dan
Trainor, ASCA's Executive Director.

The recipient of the 2005 Brian A. Rogers Award is Erin Higdon, a
graduate of Memorial University. Erin, who works for
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in St. John's, Newfoundland, achieved the
highest average in the ASCA professional program and was successful on
the 2005 UFE.
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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2005|12:05 pm]
so.... i've got this problem.

largely to do with the fact that aaron and i have no problems. maybe minor things but we basically live together. we spend frighteningly, copius amounts of time together and we still aren't sick of one another. we both recognized that this sucks, because we never get any work done. so we tried to have a fight. we failed. we tried for a good half an hour and nothing. we're too compatible. this is just sick. it's so bad. i've become so dependent and distracted.

that's not very chelsea like of me...

it's so perfect except for the fact that i'm going to fail out of school...

damn it.

why am i writing in here?
i never work anymore.
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shit. [Oct. 24th, 2005|11:44 am]
it appears as though i've fucked up. in a very strange and freudian turn of events there are now two things that are crucial i never mention: 'justin' or 'love'. simple slip-ups, particularly when i'm drunk, or asleep. i hate my psyche, there's some messed up shit going on in there right now. buried. decipherable. and the interpretations are not welcome.
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why isn't julia in on this updating action? [Oct. 4th, 2005|08:57 am]
yes, so my 24 hours at western were great. who would've thought that seeing chris would be so comforting and amusing? i loved that when i got up there the whole 'ron' thing immediately made sense to me. this is what my friends do, they fixate on people and turn their names into adjectives. it was nice to walk into such a strange setting and have it be oddly familiar. it was nice to see drew all settled and taken care of by sherry. who by the way is classic. people love to here that we were dancing in a cage.

but apparently i missed so crazy shit up here on saturday night. so many kids got into underage drinking trouble, i'll spare you the details but aaron and i spent yesterday arguing reimplementing the OAC year. i was against it, i couldn't have handled another year of high school. he did a victory lap so he's all for everyone being legal when they get here.

i've found my new shrink here. her name is steph, she's like the floor wide therapist. actually i think she's just aaron's and mine. but there's no one who i can enjoy a good bitch fest with. there just aren't those kinds of girls up here. people are only now realizing my true nature. my friend sarah thought i was really laid back and aaron (reformed stoner) was the high strung one, but sarah tends to generally not make a lot of sense. there are girls in the dance company that i can complain to somewhat but...

i'm getting to that really annoying point where every other thing i mention involves aaron and i try not to do it but i do... drew can vouch for it. he went home for rosh hashana, he's so jewish. and i'm so going to be late for psycho bio.

on that stupid note i'll end this silly entry.
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the hammer [Sep. 27th, 2005|11:54 pm]
i feel compelled to write...

i wish to god i could go to the turkey bowl... but alas i think it'll be a weekend of studying at my crazy asian aunt's and uncle's. everyone else is going home because everyone else lives close by. this is the biggest commuter school ever. aaron tries to convince me that it's not but it is. they call it 'the suitcase school'. every friday there's a massive clump of people in front of the building next door waiting for the go bus all day long. they stand there with their suitcases and their laundry bags... abandoning the rest of us. but we make our own fun. it means there aren't nearly as many first years around to crash keggers and have them be broken up early. it means REALLY random people congregating in the quad and following us around on our escapades. it means i'm getting to know the people who hate going home to toronto and richmond hill, and the kids from 'far away' like me. there's a kid from boston, we call him boston.... he's a bit of pretty boy who becomes less and less humble the more alcohol you put in him.

hopefully i'll be going to visit drew at western this weekend. it's not definite yet but hopefully... it's homecoming there, and here and in guelph this weekend, which means crazy parties everywhere. my roommate is going to guelph for the weekend so visiting drew would be a treat. seeing someone i know would be awesome.

alexa still seems kind of forlorn. i don't think she goes out much. i always intend for her to come out with us but it never works out.

res life makes it impossible to get anything done but i try.... at least i try. i must sleep though i haven't been doing enough of that lately.

some days i wish for nothing more than to go sit down in steve's and listen to people rant about katie harper.

i had my first breakdown on thursday. it was bizarre and i believe a number of factors induced it. the problem was there was no megan or anyone to just know how to deal with me. there was no sophie saying all the right things. there was no skeefe saying all the awkward things that make me laugh. there was no way to isolate myself and just be really alone for a while.... i dealt and i found a pleasant surprise in who i can rely on... my new support systems. some utterly distracting me from myself and making me laugh and others just listening or talking me out of my psychosis.

i can't believe it's been nearly a month. it feels so long but quick.

and i never told you all my sob story. here's the quick version. i bought a laptop a couple days before i left for school. loaded my new itunes and my pictures on to it. cleared my pictures off my camera and the motherboard on my computer died. i had the thing for one day and it died. i lost every picture i took since safegrad. susan and winston. the perfect bud the spud shot. paris in black and white. inge's euro mullet. crazy tequilla night pictures. dance friends performing synchro routines. everything. wiped.

it sucked.
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just thought you should know. [Sep. 24th, 2005|06:48 pm]
i think it's safe to say i found marcus flutie.
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because updating seems to be the cool thing to do... [Sep. 15th, 2005|04:44 pm]
point form does indeed seem to work best.

my faculty is full of keeners. big surprise there.

i walked into my inquiry class today and sat on the asian side unintentionally and sensed that people actually thought something of this

my floormate tried to get me to join the chinese society

alexa is REALLY homesick and i am rather worried about her.

i've taken to using the 'suuuusaaaann' voice (you all know the one) for my CA Rubina. for some reason no one else can make that voice.

during welcome week the engineers yelled spatula at pretty much every other faculty, humanities in particular. i absolutely adore my dorky jewish engineering friend with add...but this may lead to weird 4th floor dynamics. and 4th floor is my family.

i got into the dance company. i think we're coming to western oct. 1st?

that's it for now. except for the crushing workload...

i miss everyone but in small, random and silly doses.
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